Change is coming

It was a Saturday sometime in March 2014, I guess I should remember the exact date for something so momentous, but what I can remember is the excitement in the air and the promise of endless possibilities, as my family and I set off on our new adventure.

The decision to buy a campervan came during a road trip to Brittany, via a music festival in Cornwall, with three young children and far too much luggage all packed into a broken roof box and a Renualt Megane.

The long arduous hours spent packing and unpacking the car whilst the children entertained themselves with endless games of petanque are still etched in my mind. This, I might add, was all played out against the back drop of a lovely family in the van next to us who enjoyed (albeit in my opinion some-what smugly) a leisurely breakfast, followed by a very casual, stress free pack up and speedy departure. Back at our pitch, we were still trying to work out how we had so much more stuff than we’d started with and where the hell we were going to put it all. The decision to buy a camper was almost instant.

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