I’d never seen any thing like it, the surfaced trail in the woods was heaving, alive – not with woodland creatures, nor with the magical sounds of elves or pixies chattering and laughing in the sunlit glade. Fairies fluttering from toadstool to toadstool couldn’t even become a figment of my wild imagination. For this part of the woods was teeming with people, all here to see the abundance of Bluebells that are a quintessential sign of British spring time.

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New beginnings.

So why ‘T5 go camping’?

Well, I am a 30 something mum of three and I’ve always loved to write. I guess I’ve been ‘blogging’ since I was a teen, I’ve just not always shared my thoughts with anyone. Until now.

Writing has become less of a priority over the years, even now, as I try to snatch five minutes to write this, it’s against a back drop of squabbling children and cries of ‘mummy!’ coming from upstairs. Now though, it’s time for me.

I initially started this blog to share with like-minded people my love of travelling around the countryside in my camper van. I own a VW T5 camper and myself, my husband and our three children enjoy nothing more than packing a few essentials (I invariably over pack, but I’m working on that) and heading off for a long weekend exploring the world beyond our front door.

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