New beginnings.

So why ‘T5 go camping’?

Well, I am a 30 something mum of three and I’ve always loved to write. I guess I’ve been ‘blogging’ since I was a teen, I’ve just not always shared my thoughts with anyone. Until now.

Writing has become less of a priority over the years, even now, as I try to snatch five minutes to write this, it’s against a back drop of squabbling children and cries of ‘mummy!’ coming from upstairs. Now though, it’s time for me.

I initially started this blog to share with like-minded people my love of travelling around the countryside in my camper van. I own a VW T5 camper and myself, my husband and our three children enjoy nothing more than packing a few essentials (I invariably over pack, but I’m working on that) and heading off for a long weekend exploring the world beyond our front door.

I’ve often scanned the web searching for camper van friendly campsite recommendations, as well as ideas on what to see and do, where to eat and perhaps what to avoid when exploring a new area with a young family. I’d love to impart some pearls of wisdom as and when I find any, as well as sharing the trials and tribulations of camping in a confined space with four other people. Not always as idyllic as I’d envisaged!

It’s not all about camping though. I also love to discover new music, going to the occasional gig or festival (and trying to not to feel old) and I love to read. Post Apocalyptic, Dystopian stuff mostly, but that’s another post, maybe…


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