I’d never seen any thing like it, the surfaced trail in the woods was heaving, alive – not with woodland creatures, nor with the magical sounds of elves or pixies chattering and laughing in the sunlit glade. Fairies fluttering from toadstool to toadstool couldn’t even become a figment of my wild imagination. For this part of the woods was teeming with people, all here to see the abundance of Bluebells that are a quintessential sign of British spring time.

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Parlez-vous Français?

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Lazy Learners.”

I was rubbish at French lessons at school.  The teacher was completely uninspiring and we’d sit in rows ploughing through the exercises in the ‘Tricolour’ text books with pictures of ‘Jean-Claude’ and ‘Marie-Clair’ most of which had been amusingly defaced by some equally uninspired student in the years gone by. My ignorant 13 year old self would wonder why I would ever need to learn this impossible language. Besides I was far too shy to attempt to speak it publicly.

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Change is coming

It was a Saturday sometime in March 2014, I guess I should remember the exact date for something so momentous, but what I can remember is the excitement in the air and the promise of endless possibilities, as my family and I set off on our new adventure.

The decision to buy a campervan came during a road trip to Brittany, via a music festival in Cornwall, with three young children and far too much luggage all packed into a broken roof box and a Renualt Megane.

The long arduous hours spent packing and unpacking the car whilst the children entertained themselves with endless games of petanque are still etched in my mind. This, I might add, was all played out against the back drop of a lovely family in the van next to us who enjoyed (albeit in my opinion some-what smugly) a leisurely breakfast, followed by a very casual, stress free pack up and speedy departure. Back at our pitch, we were still trying to work out how we had so much more stuff than we’d started with and where the hell we were going to put it all. The decision to buy a camper was almost instant.

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Dinosaur hunting in October

The weather forecast wasn’t looking great, in fact it looked dreadful – 40 mph winds and heavy rain. The perfect weather for an autumn camping trip then.

Typically the sun was shining as we made our way down to the historic Jurassic Coast in Dorset. We were headed for Hook Farm a campsite in Uplyme on the Devon/Dorset border. We arrived to find we had almost the entire campsite to ourselves. Clearly the last week in October was not a popular time to go camping.

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New beginnings.

So why ‘T5 go camping’?

Well, I am a 30 something mum of three and I’ve always loved to write. I guess I’ve been ‘blogging’ since I was a teen, I’ve just not always shared my thoughts with anyone. Until now.

Writing has become less of a priority over the years, even now, as I try to snatch five minutes to write this, it’s against a back drop of squabbling children and cries of ‘mummy!’ coming from upstairs. Now though, it’s time for me.

I initially started this blog to share with like-minded people my love of travelling around the countryside in my camper van. I own a VW T5 camper and myself, my husband and our three children enjoy nothing more than packing a few essentials (I invariably over pack, but I’m working on that) and heading off for a long weekend exploring the world beyond our front door.

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